School of the Arts for Boys Academy (SABA) is a school that empowers and "BUILDs" culturally and linguistically diverse boys to be strong, creative, academic scholars, critical thinkers, and community leaders through a culturally responsive arts-based education.

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Clear School Mission

SABA will specifically focus on educational equity coupled with intentional efforts in removing significant barriers that directly and/or indirectly deny groups of culturally and linguistically diverse boys a high-quality education. While we will serve all students, we will target students who have been underserved as evidenced by their low proficiency and growth records and discipline patterns.

Multiple Intelligences


AVID Strategies

Arts (A+) 

Curriculum & Strategies


Hello Future SABA Families!


The time is here for the SABA Lottery on Monday, May 3rd at 7pm.  We will hold the lottery via Zoom (see link below).  You will be able to see the actual lottery taking place, followed by an email message of the lottery results.  


Once your son is selected, you have 14 days to confirm his seat and complete the enrollment forms.  If you have any questions while filling out the forms, you can contact me anytime at 919-548-0229.  I will send a reminder to you if I have not received your information during the 14 day time frame.  Once your information has been completed, our journey together begins!  


Please reach out should you have any questions before or after the lottery.  Thank you!  


Mrs. Valencia Toomer

SABA Head of School



Need more info?

School of the Arts for Boys Academy (SABA) Informational Sessions


Purpose: During each session, you will learn more about SABA and hear directly from our Founder and Head of School, Valencia Toomer, as she provides parents with detailed information around the school about SABA and what families can expect when enrolling their son. You will also have a better understanding of the importance of school choice and how SABA will help boys tap into their full potential; "Building Boys into Men".

Join us to learn more!!


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Upcoming Events

Monthly Board of Directors Meeting: 

3rd Wednesday of each month

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