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SABA Asks For Your Support

Please join us in our SABA Fundraising Campaign and learn why we need your support.

SABA urgently seeks the community’s support to achieve our funding goals in order to continue to serve our students in the second semester of 2023-24 as an NC-registered private school.


North Carolina’s Charter School Review Board decided to revoke our charter on December 31st, asserting that a charter school requires a minimum of 80 students for financial viability. Our first semester enrollment was 53 students (in grades 3 through 6) in our inaugural year as an all-boys school.


Fortunately, the state's Department of Non-Public Instruction has since designated SABA as a registered private school.  Doing so, has allowed SABA to keep our doors open and serve our student population made up predominently of economically disadvantaged boys.  SABA has determined that the greater operational flexibility that is present in the state's private school system, will give SABA considerable advantages in implementing our single-gender academic program in the years to come.


There are two significant factors in play at present.


1. A new state law has dramatically increased the funding available for families in the NC Opportunity Scholarship Program. Beginning in the 2024-25 school year, nearly every student who attends SABA will be able to do so tuition-free.  When SABA enters its second year of operation in fall 2024, state funding will be sufficient to cover our operating costs.


2. Opportunity Scholarship funds for 2023-24 have all been allocated.  As a result -- in conjunction with SABA's departure from the charter school system -- SABA is likely to face a short-term financial shortfall until the end of this school year.  Families have asked to contribute as best they can, while the SABA Board and our supporters look to other sources of income in the community.


By staying open, SABA will continue to provide a special learning environment designed specifically for boys in our community.

We respectfully ask you to join us! Your generous support will cover operational costs, including teacher salaries, meals, supplies, and more. Your gift, regardless of size, directly contributes to helping us build boys into men.


Please explore our Giving Opportunities to choose your gift level and type of donation. If you know others who believe in our cause, please direct them to Your generosity is invaluable to SABA’s mission of nurturing responsible young men.


Thank you for your belief in our SABA Kings. Your generosity and support will go a long way!

Giving Opportunities


Sponsor a SABA King

Transform the life of a SABA King and cover tuition, meals, and transportation costs


School Uniforms

Help our boys look their very best and present a unified front.

The Arts.png

Visual Arts and Music Programs

Music Stands, Clay, Microphones, Studios, and much more! 

Athletic & Sporting Equipment.png

Athletic Program

Basketballs, Soccer Goals, Kickballs, and much more! 


Area of Greatest Need

This fund will contribute to all aspects of the school.

For additional sponsorship opportunities, please contact Valencia Toomer, Founder & Principal at (919) 704-2006 or

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