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Contribute to Our Visual Arts and Music Programs

As a school of the arts, our focus on the visual arts, dance and movement, drama, music, and media, will be a catalyst for making school an engaging and enjoyable place in which our SABA Kings can learn and grow. Gifts in any amount to the Visual Arts and Music Programs will help us create a brass band and drumline. Thank you for helping these boys discover their hidden talents!

Giving Levels

​Your gift will cover the cost of the following or similar items:

  • $25 will purchase one (1) sheet music stand or one (1) high-quality sketch pad.

  • $50 will purchase an assortment of sheet music or an assortment of paints.

  • $100 will provide items such as a karaoke PA system or an assortment of brushes and drawing pencils.

  • $150 will purchase one (1) beginner's snare drum kit for drumline or one (1) beginner's trumpet.

  • $250 will purchase one (1) bass drum for drumline or one (1) beginner's trombone.

  • For additional sponsorship opportunities, please contact Valencia Toomer, Founder & Principal at (919) 704-2006 or

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