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Multiple Intelligences

The 8 Intelligences


What is/are Multiple Intelligences (MI)?

An educational philosophy of Dr. Howard Gardner, a professor of education at Harvard University, who believed that all children possess varying degrees of strength in eight intelligences. Gardener believes there are eight intelligences to be nurtured and developed in all children: bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, linguistic, logical-mathematical, musical, naturalist, and spatial. These eight intelligences reflect different ways of thinking, solving problems, and learning.

We have decided to practice MI because we understand that each student has a preferred learning style depending on the strengths of their intelligences and we provide instruction that accommodates their learning styles. We want to meet the needs of our students and foster enthusiasm for learning, self-confidence, and ownership of the learning process.


What it Looks Like

Instruction -  activities that are relevant in the real world beyond school walls. There will be movement, social interaction, problem solving and creating. Our teachers will create lessons that are student-centered, hands-on and student-driven. Children actively participate in their learning.

Assessments - verbal and mathematical testing will not be the sole measure of a students success. Many of the assessments are done through the completion of long term projects. The project based model allows teachers to assess students' progress in a unique, active, way.

Learning how to Learn - students experience different learning styles and what learning styles work for them. This better equips them to take ownership of their education and find their voice in the classroom.

How Does MI Help the Student?

Students are taught to celebrate their strengths and not to be discouraged by perceived weaknesses. But to be encouraged by the challenges that those areas can present to them. Students become self-directed learners, possessing a set of skills that will serve them well in college and in their future careers.

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