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Education With A Difference

School of the Arts For Boys Academy (SABA) is committed to providing superior learning experiences for boys in grades K-to-8.  Our experienced team of educators, community leaders and business professionals understands the magnitude of the challenges that face young boys in today's society.  This issue is especially true for boys of color.

Founded as North Carolina's first charter school specifically licensed to educate boys, SABA now continues our mission, operating as an NC-licensed private school.  We take a comprehensive approach to teaching our students. We benchmark and monitor our boys' progress. Academic performance is followed closely.  Our boys feel valued, seen, understood and appreciated.

SABA follows the NC Standard Course of Study and incorporates the AVID Learning Method.

SABA incorporates Culturally Responsive Teaching and learning in our curriculum. Our school is staffed by educators as diverse as our student population. Our teachers will identify students' strengths, interests, cultural values and language to create a supportive classroom environment,  Our boys will be in contact with role models on a daily basis and will learn to see themselves as future mathematicians, scientists, technologists, artists, business leaders and more.  

SABA utilizes the Multiple Intelligences learning concept pioneered by Dr. Howard Gardner, who determined that all children possess varying degrees of strengths in eight discrete areas of intelligence. By focusing on our students' specific learning styles, we are able to provide instruction that meets their needs and fosters an enthusiasm for learning, self-confidence and ownership of the learning process.

SABA utilizes the arts and is certified as an A+ School. Several research studies indicate that use of the arts in education is a significant way to close achievement gaps and increase graduation rates.

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