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SABA Needs Your Financial Support

Community donations to SABA Scholarships will play a critical role in covering the costs of educating our Kings in the remainder of the 2023-24 school year.

Access to Opportunity Scholarships and other funding sources will provide for SABA's operating budget in 2024-25.  But in the meantime, we are asking for your help to cover our 2023-24 operational costs in our transition to private school status.

Our cost to cover each boy's education in second semester is $5,000.  SABA is requesting your support, by sponsoring a student in full, or by providing monthly assistance at a smaller scale.  Your donation, regardless of size, directly contributes to helping us build boys into men.


Just over 30 boys and their families are benefitting every day from the boys-only learning environment they experience at SABA. In this gap period without state funding, we really need the help of our community.  Our boys are worth fighting for!

Please learn more about some of our Kings below, spread the word, and donate as best you can.  Your kindness will make a difference in our boys' lives and in the community as a whole.

Thank you!

Sponsor a SABA King

Learn more about the boys your scholarship will support at SABA!


Soft spoken, but this Young King is what Brotherhood is all about. Passionate, caring, and respectful…this young man is always on point and prepared. Always encouraging his brother to do better. A true leader in the making, rising to the expectations of the SABA Vision and mission.



Carlos came to SABA with the goal to become a better overall young man. He shows that he is committed to the mission of building a brotherhood by engaging with his brothers inside and outside of the classroom. SABA has been a gamer changer for Carlos, one being learning how to compete in the class and in life. Being around other young boys Carlos has been able to gain things from his peers and add it to his way of life.



JaMere embodies the vision of SABA. He has overcome his academic difficulties in a more supportive environment, where he realizes his potential and strives for excellence. He has become more confident and proactive in seeking assistance when he faces challenges. This will continue to foster his learning attitude and make him a role model for his classmates.



Cobee is a student with a vibrant personality that illuminates any room he enters. He is a diligent learner who actively participates in class, completes his assignments on time, and is always willing to help his peers. Cobee’s artistic talent is exceptional, and his creativity is evident in his work in visual arts, which is one of the methods used at SABA to assess students’ learning through an arts-based education. Recognizing Cobee’s creativity has helped him gain more confidence in his academic pursuits and has proven to be a valuable asset in the classroom.



Treyvon has some outstanding leadership qualities that have the potential to be model characteristics that represent the Kings that we are working to nurture. Treyvon is very positive and respectful towards adults. One thing that sticks out about Treyvon is how he endured a big change (not only a new school, but switching to a new class). Treyvon seems to be adding to his classroom brotherhood in a good way.



Mr. Alijah is always the life of the class. With his laid back personality, Alijah does his best to keep his peers and teachers smiling and laughing throughout the week. His leadership skills are always on display, with his warm inviting personality. This young king has demonstrated what a King should represent.



Camdyn has done a major turn around. It is impressive to see the difference in him now, compared to the start of the year. He is proof that SABA is needed and is a place that will not only help young boys develop good character but will stand by its motto and build boys into men. Camdyn is a work in progress but it is so rewarding to see his progress and development thus far.



Ethan is a pleasure to work with in the classroom.  This young man is very respectful to his peers and his teachers. Ethan has adjusted well to the SABA WAY.  Ethan has shown progress in his social and academic skills in the midst of transition . His efforts to try his best academically and complete assignments has been exceptional. Ethan is a TRUE SABA leader in the making. 



Cameron is a natural, born leader.  Cameron is linguistically smart and communicates well with his peers and teachers.  Cameron's smile and laughter is infectious.  He has such great potential and does not mind asking questions when he does not understand.  Cameron participated in athletics this year and continues to grow daily from his competitive interactions with his brothers and continues to learn how to be a leader both on and off the court.  Cameron is LOVED at SABA!  



Sevaughn has done an excellent job adjusting to the SABA WAY. He is accountable for his learning daily and shows that by participating in activities, group work and following the SABA expectations it will lead him to success. Sevaughn knows that nothing comes easy. He has proof that when you work hard at things you receive positive outcomes. Sevaughn is soft spoken, always smiling and always caring for his classmates.

Thank you for your belief in our Kings, and in the SABA mission.

Your support will make a life-changing difference for each of our students!

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